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MPA Architects were asked to develop a new concept for the Danish luxury silverware and jewellery brand. With a wonderful history dating back to 1904 to draw upon, the challenge was to tell the story, and at the same time take the brand forward. The concept - a luxury Scandinavian lifestyle home - offers a contemporary environment with all of the elements of a private home. The palette of materials was chosen to reflect the Danish landscape and the materials utilised in the jewellery and silverware - larch wood slats, ultra wide-planked Douglas Fir floors, shades of grey to echo the varying tones in silver.

The flagship store in Copenhagen's Kastrup airport was completed first, with many following worldwide, including the Pearl, Qatar.  We worked with local teams to carry the projects through to completion with the super-fast turnaround demanded by this type of project. 

Photographs 1-5: Tim Bjorn Photographs 6, 7: Mark Pinney Associates