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Winner of the 1998 Gulbenkian Prize, Scottish Museum of the Year and the 1997 Argyll & Bute Planning Design award.

The Centre for Ancient Culture was completed in 1997 for the Kilmartin House Trust by a combined team of local contractors and specialists from across Europe, on the Kintyre peninsula of the west coast of Scotland.

Located in a landscape rich in geological features, archaeological artefacts and cultural history, its extensive resources are used by the local community, visiting researchers and tourists. The project aimed to become a model for sustainable reuse of existing buildings, and its innovative use of locally sourced materials and skills was an important part of the Trust’s didactic agenda. 

Architectural interventions, physical and virtual interactive displays, reconstructed events and artefacts were all exploited to challenge and enhance visitors’ understanding of the landscape and its remarkable collection of ancient manmade artefacts. 

Photographs: KiImartin Museum and David Lyons