Myddleton Road eco retrofit starts on site

The shop at 99 Myddleton Road was known locally for its menswear display that seemed stuck in a 1970s time warp. The building is now to be transformed into a family home.  Work has started in earnest with demolitions completed and groundworks underway.

Keeping only the brick facade and walls of the main building, this project is an extensive retrofit of a characterful Victorian house and shop on what is now a resurgent local shopping street in the Bowes Park Conservation area in North London.

The client’s brief for an eco-house has been met by focusing on energy efficiency, in particular the building fabric. High standards of insulation and airtightness are always a challenge when refurbishing buildings of this age and we are grateful to Green Tomato Energy for their valuable advice early on in the design. The project has been modelled using Passivhaus DesignPH software and we are currently on track to meet the AECB Carbonlite Silver standard.

A new rear extension is being built in lightweight timber frame construction with an outer skin of rendered wood fibre insulation.  Blown open-cell Icynene insulation will be used throughout, for internal wall insulation and in new roofs and timber walls, providing excellent airtightness with moisture breathability.

All windows are to be replaced with high performance triple glazed units, including replacement of the traditional sashes to the street elevation. The characterful shopfront will also be fully restored, bringing the empty shop unit back to life.

A green roof to the extension will slow run-off of rain and provide an attractive and biodiverse view from the house and neighbouring properties. Solar photovoltaics and heat recovery will reduce primary energy demand.

Bow Tie Construction have been selected to build out the project, headed up by Rafael Delimata. With a background in mechanical engineering, Rafael is a dynamic addition to our team with evident passion for energy efficient buildings. And, we note, green tea.

Planning consent for 99 Myddleton Road

We are delighted to have secured planning permission for the refurbishment and extension of this derelict but historically interesting shop and house in the Bowes Park Conservation area in North London. The historic shopfront will be restored, the house rebuilt and with a new single storey extension at the rear we will create a super-energy efficient family home.

Clients Nick & Haley bought the building two years ago from Brian Moore who had lived in the family-run shop since the 30s. The building had collapsed around him and the shopfront was barely intact but it retained strong elements of its original character, notably a much written-about display of decaying men's underwear; the faded goods even starring in a short film.

The parade of late Victorian shops down Myddleton Road has a distinctive character and was a thriving area for shopping and business well into the ‘60s, but by the ‘80s had gone into serious decline. Gradually the street is beginning to be reborn, now recognised as an important local asset (see the excellent Butler Hegarty Report) and with a strong and active community. Next door the Step cafe and events space is much loved by locals and new businesses seem to be opening every month.

Building work will begin in the new year; follow our blog as this once-charming shell of a building is brought back to life.

The shopfront at Number 99, photographed by  Peter Berthoud

The shopfront at Number 99, photographed by Peter Berthoud

Window display, photograph courtesy of   P  eter Berthoud

Window display, photograph courtesy of Peter Berthoud

Myddleton Road in the 1900s, number 99 is the one with an awning

Myddleton Road in the 1900s, number 99 is the one with an awning